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Established in 2007, C Plus Pictures is a partnership between Mike Landry and Carlos Velazquez. They bring over 30 years experience in the film and television industry. Their experiences range from development, production and fundraising to serving on festival grand juries and university speaking engagements. Both have acted in dozens of films, television shows and commercials. Their extended team includes actors, writers, and technicians with expertise in all facets of production. They have developed strategic partnerships with investors, studio owners, post houses, sales reps and distributors around the world. C Plus Pictures’ award winning films have had a presence at various international film festivals including: Caanes, Sundance, Slamdance, Berlin, Tribeca, GenART, Newport Beach, Woodstock, Salzburg and many more.


C Plus Pictures acquires, develops and produces quality content for film and television. We select projects based on the voice of the writer, the vision of the director and the ability of the script to attract valuable talent. C Plus matches up the ideal shooting location with the best tax incentives in the region to fit the project. We bring these stories to the screen at the right price point and the right genre to maximize the potential of returns. The key is constantly putting films into production and working with investors on several projects at a time so they mitigate their risk, don’t miss the outlier, and collect some base hits on solidly produced entertainment.

Above all, our main focus has always been the story that we plan to tell from the finished screenplay. Is the essence of the story strong enough to deliver that satisfying, visceral experience that audiences and distributors crave? Is this the right creative team to translate this great script into a great film? Our only demand from the artists we bring together is that the story that first drew us in is the one we all shoot and edit together. When that comes together we know it's a home run.  


Blissful life in Louisiana drifts by for love-stricken, reserved architect Henry (Sudeikis) and his artistic, warmly animated wife Penny (Biel) until a deadly car crash shatters their promising future and leaves Henry to aimlessly pick up the pieces without his better half. Unable to balance his own hysteria with the demands of his cold, aristocratic mother-in-law (Steenburgen) success-driven partner, he turns his focus towards helping spit-fire homeless teen Millie who frequently digs through their trash but is reluctant to reveal why.  Stricken with curiosity, Henry pursues the girl and discovers her plans to build a raft and sail to a far off island. Armed with a background in architecture, he offers his backyard and a helping hand to Millie so that her dream can become a reality.. In a battle between passion and profession, Henry must fight to preserve the beauty of his wife’s colorful life and newfound hope for Millie’s future in a world plagued by societal demands and black and white expectations.





Mike Landry



Carlos Velazquez